When she saw how they worked, not on their own but two by two, working their trunks together to tie a knot, she realized why they’d been so astonished by her hands, because of course she could tie knots on her own. At first she felt this gave her an advantage - she needed no one else - and then she realized how it cut her off from others. Perhaps all human beings were like that.

Phillip Pullman, The Amber Spyglass (via foreveralonebookclub)


I am not obsessed with these books. I do not “fan-girl” over the series, nor call them my “favorite books”. To do so would insult the meaning that the words of this story have expelled on me. His Dark Materials have literally guided me my whole life. Whenever I am in a situation I ask myself what…



To fans of Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series: I visited Oxford today and just *had* to make sure I found the bench that Will and Lyra sit at from the end of the third book. To my delight, I found a faint “Lyra + Will” carving on the bench and this beautiful little note on a scrap of paper:

"Written, as no one came and I was too nervous to strike up a literary conversation with strangers. To whomever finds this: Today I traveled four hours by train to sit on this bench for 1 hour, 12-1 PM, midsummer day. You may wonder why. Well, I fulfilled at 14-year-old wish. Did you ever read "His Dark Materials"? It was the only book(s) to make me cry. Actual tears. This is the bench where at this moment I am as close to those characters as one can be. So Happy Anniversary I say to Will and Lyra. — A Citizen of the Republic of Heaven."

I only read the books for the first time about seven months ago, but I fell in love with the series. I just found this note so incredibly sweet, and it’s a lovely reminder of how much the books of one’s childhood can affect your life.

These books have made my childhood. I read them first when I was 10. Now I’m 20 & have been rereading the trilogy these days: today I finished reading The Amber Spyglass. The intense and beautiful love between Lyra and Will… I read many books in my life but nothing ever affected me like their love, their great love, the hurt of their loss, their split, their promise, their effort to go on, their effort to build a future, their courage, again their love. This all is so perfect. This series will always have a place in my heart, and I hope someday I’ll really manage to go to Oxford and visit the place where Lyra and Will partly developed their existence. Who cares if they aren’t real, if they are just fictional characters; maybe this is also the cause of the feelings I actually feel for them. Philip Pullman managed to describe such great emotions in a way that it doesn’t seem it could ever take place in the everyday world, in the everyday reality. Maybe this is why I love this series so much: in the hope that someday the feelings I felt while I read could be felt in the reality, in my everyday life. As another author said in another series, “it would be a beautiful lie to believe.”